One Frustrated Momma- The Reason For This Blog

In March of 2017, my youngest child was diagnosed with autism. It didn’t really come as a shock… We were pretty much expecting it.

He and his identical twin made their grand entrance into this world bit too early. There was no particular reason for for their untimely arrival.

My guess is that they heard all the commotion being made by their older brothers and sister. (Yes you counted correctly. 5 kids.)

Ever since their 6 week NICU stay, the twins presented with various delays – mostly in their language development. So this autism diagnosis was one more stop on our journey into uncharted waters.


Back to the reason for this blog…

Since J’s diagnosis, I’ve become increasingly frustrated. I’m frustrated that when his doctor told me he “had autism,” he gave me a pamphlet and TRIED to send me on my way. (He was not successful.)

I’m frustrated by the numerous road blocks I face on a daily basis trying to get him services. I’m frustrated that I keep having to fill out milestone charts that don’t apply to my kid.

I’m frustrated that Facebook has directed every autism-mom-related advertisement to my news feed, as if that’s all I’m interested in anymore.

And if, for some odd reason, I don’t want to wear a puzzle bracelet around my wrist, or display his diagnosis on my t-shirt, I am somehow doing something wrong.

The list of frustrations goes on.

So instead of becoming angry, bitter, and depressed, I decided to start this blog… a place I can vent, share our successes, and maybe even reach others who are frustrated for various reasons.

This blog will NOT be politically correct. And it will NOT be strictly about autism. It WILL be about peoplism, momism, wifism, daughterism, friendism, and various other human conditions.


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44 Replies to “One Frustrated Momma- The Reason For This Blog”

  1. I am glad that in the very “soft” society we live in, someone is not excepting the norm.

  2. I hadn’t heard about the “official ” diagnosis. I think this blog is a great idea for both you and others. You all are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Great blog and great idea I’m sure there are a lot more moms who are going through the same thing

  4. One of my Grandsons is autistic. With a lot of hard work (by my daughter) he has improved tremendously over the past 18 years. I wish you all the best; never say never; you never know what determination and a bit of elbow grease can attain. šŸ™‚

  5. I’m glad to see there won’t be a filter here. Too many people have one. I look forward to seeing how your journey with autism plays out. It’s a subject that I’ve been interested in since I saw the movie Son-Shine when I was little.
    I also look forward to seeing that it won’t be your only journey.

  6. thank you for sharing your story with us, yes the frustration is real, i have an older sibling who suffers fron the same conditon. She’s well into her adult life and has to have a full time care giver as our country has very limited programs in place i only know of the Autism Society which only came on board a fews years ago. i look forward to reading your blogs.

  7. Thank you for posting this. My daughter had recently been diagnosed with Autism. I’m starting to learn the same frustration. On top of that, her father and I are getting divorce. I’ll be following your blog.

  8. Its a frustrating world. I have a nephew witu Autism and then i haven2 boys with ADHD, ODD, and anxiety plus my husband has ADHD. I write a blog as well to vent.

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