That Au-Some Incubator: Education, Advocacy, Collaboration

The Incubator Is Finally Ready!

With the help of a few advisors over the past month, I’ve started That Au-Some Incubator – a Facebook group for anyone who looks at the status quo and thinks – That needs to change!

Whether you’re a paraprofessional wanting your school to implement more inclusive practices, or you’re an advocate wanting to start a nonprofit, this is a group for you!

We’ll be accumulating resources, starting projects (big and small), offering each other our unique strengths and perspectives, hosting speakers, meeting over Zoom, and celebrating successes!

What Exactly Are We Doing In The Group?

All of the things, of course!

What do you want to change? Start your own project (big or small) or join in with others! Get feedback on your ideas and search our resource list for backup.

As the group grows, there may be multiple efforts going on at the same time. You can choose to take a leadership role or assist others. It’s completely up to you!

As one group works on a project, the incubator provides a space to ask questions or get advice from the larger group.

We’ll all share resources and participate in workshops, chats, and webinars together.

No need to reinvent the wheel! There are lots of projects already in motion. This is a great group to direct you to where the action already is.

We’re all limited by our own skill sets, knowledge, and perspectives.

We’ll host speakers to help us develop advocacy skills, advise us on special education laws, and of course continue our discussions on issues surrounding neurodiversity.

*In a few months we’re starting an epic series on developing a nonprofit!

This group will constantly change. As one project ends and new members join, our focuses may shift.

We’ll reach out to speakers and professionals in different fields. We’ll hear from public officials, authors, autistic advocates, you name it!


That Au-Some Incubator is a group for people who want to make this world a better, more inclusive place. It’s a group for learning, talking, sharing, and brainstorming.

But above all, this will be a group for laughing and connecting. These topics can be heavy and stressful. Members of my groups are often unprofessional and shenanigans will be ongoing. We love to laugh while we grow.

Projects we will NOT be taking on in That Au-Some Incubator:

1. The federal ban of ABA. That effort is already in action. Click here to join in! (We WILL take on related efforts including professional/educational/parent outreach.)

2. Any projects related to vaccines/cures/quackery. Those efforts are already in action. Click here if you’re interested in assisting in those efforts!

You may be thinking, I don’t know enough about advocacy to join this group. I’m only a (insert word here).  Stop it!

This isn’t a group for the mega-advocacy organizations. This is a group for anyone who wants to learn about or make a dent in ableism, segregation, and inaccessibility!

How did the incubator idea get started?

I spent this past summer facilitating two book explorations of Beyond Behaviors by Mona Delahooke. Those two groups morphed into the most fulfilling, motivating two months I could’ve ever imagined!

I had the privilege of networking with a couple hundred amazing individuals from around the world discussing issues surrounding education and healthcare –

Educational Topics
Healthcare Topics

We had over 60 Zoom Chats, listened to speakers, and we ultimately decided that changing the world wouldn’t be so hard – if we actually got started and worked together!

Need more specifics before joining?

Here’s what we’ll be doing in the incubator:

-Zoom Chats: At least once per week for the larger group, more for separate projects

-Guest Speakers: At least once per month, topics based on the needs of the group

-Resources Galore: Added by group members and organized by topic

-Collaboration: A network of group members with the same goal: to change the world.

I hope to see you in there!

“Why be professional when you can get real?”

~Meghan Ashburn
Not an Autism Mom
Creator of That Au-Some Incubator

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