Unprofessional Development – Summer 2022

This summer’s Unprofessional Development Series is open for registration!

These won’t be your typical conference workshops.

Oh, no! Those things are BOR-ing!

The entire point of this summer’s UPD (Unprofessional Development) is to learn, share, grow, and leave with more tools and excitement than we came in with.

Each session will provide strategies, resources, and ideas you can implement this school year to create more inclusive environments in your school, classroom, library, and community.

Come meet with educators, administrators, advocates, therapists, and parents who are passionate about inclusion! Our last UPD (Unprofessional Development) had attendees from across the USA and around the globe.

UPD is perfect for beginners who are new to inclusive practices. They’re also perfect for professionals who have been in the field for decades. If you support Autistic children in any capacity, these workshops are for you!

Remember, Unprofessional Developments are just that – UNPROFESSIONAL. You can join sessions from the beach, from your lively house, or from the car. Come as you are and you will be in great company!

Browse topics below!

Increasing Communication Options for Nonspeaking Preschoolers

A 90-minute interactive Zoom meeting for parents, carers, and educators of nonspeaking toddlers:

Children become frustrated when they don’t have the tools to express themselves in a way that others can understand.

In this small group session, we’ll go over some simple and affordable tools you can implement immediately to help your child communicate… which will help them feel more confident and in control.

You will also walk away with a robust resource list made specifically for adults who support nonspeaking young children.

Enhancing Inclusion with the New Proloquo

A 90-minute interactive Zoom meeting for educators, administrators, and parents of nonspeaking elementary students:

The new Proloquo AAC app is packed with unique features that support inclusion in the classroom. It also gives individual classroom teachers the power to introduce all of their students to AAC!

During this 90-minute session, we’ll take a deep dive into what makes Proloquo so unique. We’ll also discuss specific strategies that classroom teachers can implement to enhance inclusion in the classroom, and build a more inclusive foundation for your entire school.

Talking Respectfully about Autism with Your Class and School

A 90-minute interactive Zoom meeting for educators, administrators, and parents of elementary students:

Talking about autism in your class or school can be tricky. It’s important to ensure those conversations don’t further alienate, stigmatize, or disrespect your Autistic students.

During this small group session, we’ll take a deep dive into the language we use during these discussions, look at some fabulous resources to help guide us, and talk to a few autistic adults about their own experiences with being talked about.

This session isn’t only for educators. If you’re a parent, you’ll take away tools and resources to share with your own child’s school. Professionals and community members will also benefit.

Is That Picture Book Really Inclusive?

A 90-minute interactive Zoom meeting for educators, administrators, and parents:

Bring your favorite inclusive picture books!

In That Au-Some Book Club, we say that children’s books have a high IPW (impact per word-count). That’s because these books are read in group settings to our tiniest friends, who are just starting to figure out the world around them.

Not all inclusive books are as inclusive as we might think! We want to make sure the books we choose promote inclusion and accessibility. We don’t want to share books that stigmatize, pathologize, or infantilize our autistic youth.

During this session, we’ll go over some criteria to look out for when choosing an inclusive book to read with your child our class. You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other inclusively-minded professionals and parents.

Is there a topic you’d like to see added to this summer’s sessions? We are adding sessions throughout the summer! Fill out the contact form below.

If you’re interested in a hosting a session for your school or group, let me know by filling out the contact form below.

Remember to check back, as new topics and sessions will be added throughout the summer.

You can check for open UPD sessions here:

Happy learning!

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