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Meghan Ashburn is an educational consultant, professional development facilitator, and writer. She’s passionate about helping teachers, schools, and districts create more inclusive and accessible environments for children.

This type of change doesn’t come easily. It takes learning and unlearning. It takes planning and intent. It takes vision and innovation.

Come change the world with me…



Meghan works with educators to help find solutions to specific challenges, and collaborates with schools to create more inclusive environments. Professional Development can be fun and engaging when we decide to get real!

“This has been invaluable to me as I grow professionally and as a parent!”

~Unprofessional Development Member
The Book Club


Join almost 10,000 other book clubbers from around the world who have one common goal: To learn about autism and neurodiversity from autistic authors and their allies! We do some pretty cool interviews in there as well!

“I’ve been looking for resources for so long. I’m happy I finally found them!”

~Book Club Member


A channel with epic interviews from the book club. Watch them or listen to them like a podcast. Special guests include Kieran Rose, Steve Silberman, Mikhaela Ackerman, Diego and Edlyn Peña, Dr. Barry Prizant, and so many more!

“These interviews have been so valuable in my learning journey.”

~Book Club Member

Why be professional when you can get real?”


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