Three Things My Mother Never Knew

My mom and I have always had a close relationship. We talk at least once a day. When my family moved over an hour away from home, she picked up and moved right down the street from me.

But even though we’re so close, there are a few things I’ve never told my mom – some things that I really want her to know before it’s too late.

Now, I’m not really a touchy-feely person (being mushy makes me cringe), so I figured a public blog would be the best platform. Here goes…

1. I’m Glad You Weren’t Skinny.

It’s funny the things that stick out in our minds, but I can remember these shoe-shaped badges you earned from some weight-loss program for walking however-many-miles in a week.

I saw your drive to become healthier and thinner. (You Go Girl!) But what you didn’t know, is how much I loved those extra pounds.

I remember when dad would wake me up early before school so I could curl up with you for a few minutes, that bed was sooooo warm. No skinny mom could EVER make a bed that warm. (Believe me, I’ve tried.)

When I was young, I used to go over to my friends’ houses. When I saw them with their moms, I can still remember wondering HOW IN THE WORLD they could cuddle up with THAT!

I felt kind of sorry for my friends… that they didn’t have a mom as smushy as I did.

mom and dom
Mom cushioning one of my babies in the NICU.

2. Thank you for not being a “Pinterest Mom.”

Yeah, I know… Pinterest wasn’t even invented back then. Our house didn’t even have dial-up internet until I was in high-school.

But the principal is still the same. You allowed my brother and I to LIVE in our house. We walked on tables and counters, painted on the walls, put ugly stickers on the doors, and rearranged the furniture so we could slide through the living room in our socks.

We could express ourselves in our own home without worrying about what visitors might say. (And no, we didn’t grow up thinking it was okay to walk on other people’s furniture.)

A drawing my mom did of our kitchen growing up

3. You Set the Bar Way Too High.

I’m sure most people think this way about their moms, but anyone who knows you will agree. I mean, how did you do it?

You started a business that continues to serve thousands of children, made beautiful quilts for all of our relatives, hosted enormous annual Thanksgiving vacations, and still managed to continually support your children. (This includes re-teaching me a full semester of geometry during one Christmas vacation.)

Some of my readers may be saying, “Of course, she would support her children. That’s what mothers do!”

These readers obviously didn’t know me growing up. I failed my first… hang on, let me count… 6 SEMESTERS of college! (And that was AFTER I recovered from my terrible teens.)

I’m pretty sure most moms would tell their children to get a job (and rightfully so). But not you. You listened, comforted, and uplifted me (kind of like a saint) until I graduated. I am so very thankful you didn’t give up on me.

Most people would called me spoiled, but my mom calls me”well taken care of.”

Thank you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

15 Replies to “Three Things My Mother Never Knew”

  1. Beautiful tribute while your mom can read it. God bless you and carry on that same tradition of you for your children. 😀😊😃😀

  2. Wow! This isn’t beautiful Megan and I’m so damn sensitive it brought me to tears!! I can feel the love with your words!

  3. Beautiful. I lost my mother at age 9, I’m so grateful you acknowledge how special your mother is.

  4. You are so lucky to have your super amazing mom. Well taken care of!!!! Great read string bean!

  5. You have an awesome mom and I am glad to have learned many things from her as well! Happy Mother’s Day to you as well.

  6. Beautiful! There are just no words! Barbara Mease is an awesome mother and lady in every respect!❤️

  7. Meghan, like your Mom, you are an amazing beautiful human being. I’m proud to be your Godmother. I loved the thing you said about Barb. You are both lucky to have each other!

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