Autistic Writers Wanted!

Not an Autism Mom is looking for autistic writers!

This is a blog geared toward parents and educators.

For the most part, parents look to other parents for advice. The same is true for professionals. I want to help them find autistic voices sooner.

There is no age restriction! Young-old, it doesn’t matter. And you don’t have to be a professional writer, just someone with a story to tell.

What would you like to tell parents?

Here are some sample topics:

  • Why parents should presume competence (with a personal story)
  • How AAC helps you
  • Anything about intersectionality
  • A time in your childhood that you didn’t feel heard
  • What you wish your parents or teachers did or didn’t do
  • What therapies or experiences helped or hurt you the most
  • A time you proved your doctors wrong
  • A time they thought you weren’t listening
  • A story of triumph
  • A story of heartache

If you’re interested in writing, please send your article to notanautismmom @ gmail dot com.

Posts should be 500-1000 words. Please include a head shot, short bio, and any social media links. You may also send a feature picture, or I can choose one for you.

You can also send your PayPal link for readers to tip you!

A huge thanks to Christiana MacLeod for making the first collaboration a success! You can find her post here.

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  1. I’m still trying to find time to write another article for you. We’ve been going through a lot at home with a different school and getting ready for middle school.

    On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 12:11 PM, Not an Autism Mom wrote:

    > Not an Autism Mom posted: “Not an Autism Mom is looking for autistic > writers! This is a blog geared toward parents. Many of them have children > with different abilities. Some readers are autism parents. Others have > children with complex medical issues. My own children have a compli” >

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