Unprofessional Development August 2020 – Beyond Behaviors

I’m excited to announce our second month-long book exploration of Beyond Behaviors written by Mona Delahooke! This won’t be like any professional development you’ve attended.

What: A month-long NO PRESSURE group filled with learning and unlearning, networking, and growing!

When: The entire month of August! The activities and discussions are ongoing, so you can do them whenever you have the time. The Zoom chats and event times will be scattered to ensure everyone can enjoy, no matter your schedule or time zone!

Who: Our July group had participants from all around the world. Educators, psychologists, therapists, parents, advocates, administrators…

Our guest speakers included Kieran Rose, LeDerick Horne, and Dr. Mona Delahooke!

Where: In our private Facebook group!

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Sorry, registration is closed for August. Catch you the next time!

Once you’re finished registering, come on over to our Facebook group. We’ll get started August 1st! Returning members sign up below.

We’ve just added more special guests for August! This list continues to grow so stay tuned!

Dr. Mona Delahooke

Kieran Rose (The Autistic Advocate)

Tee Mone’t (Unmasked)

Jennifer Litton Tidd (Alliance Against Seclusion and Restraint)

We’re almost half way through July’s session and the conversations have been incredible. Kieran Rose even popped in for an enlightening live discussion on autism in the classroom!

July’s pilot group includes 175 administrators, educators, psychologists, home schoolers, advocates, therapists, and parents from around the world – Each person bringing their own unique knowledge, experiences, and questions.

Multiple Zoom chats each week have provided a unique opportunity to connect and network with change-makers all over the word! These chats will be more valuable than ever with this extraordinary transition back to school.

We’ve been diving deep into issues surrounding best practices, emotional health, trauma informed practices, inclusion, systemic inequities, and childhood development. We’ll be building on those discussions in August!

This is a book study for anyone who cares for children – Teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, administrators, parents, therapists, counselors, doctors, you name it!

We’re going to spend the month of August looking beyond the behaviors, beyond the IEP’s, beyond the behavior management plans, beyond the classrooms. We’re getting back to the basics of supporting children – with the latest brain science to back it up!

Everyone’s nervous about the upcoming school year. What will it look like? How will we ever catch them up? The pressure is intense right now and our kids can feel it. Trauma informed practices and protecting their emotional health will be more important than ever.

This book reminds us why compassion and safety are so important. Isn’t that why you started this journey in the first place? Come connect with others and lets build new strategies for supporting our kids.

Overview for August

Join the Facebook Group!
After you sign up below, join our private Facebook group. We’ll get started August 1st! There’s no need to read the book ahead of time, unless you want to get a head start.

Weekly Reading
This is a book exploration! We’ll read about two chapters per week. Don’t worry, the chapters aren’t very long and the book is easy to read!

Zoom Meetings
Connect with people from around the world, all invested in supporting children. These won’t be your typical meetings. Let’s get real and share what we’ve learned, or unlearned.

Enrichment Activities
What’s that iceberg doing here in August? You’ll see!!!

Dr. Mona Delahooke will join us for a Facebook Live event!

I also have a few special guests lined up to talk with us about issues surrounding autism, race, accessibility, and alternative forms of communication!

We’ll be diving deep with these. It may not always be easy, but it WILL be worth it!

I love to do give-aways and pop-up meetings! The more people who sign up, the more I’ll fill the calendar!

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Unprofessional Development – August 2020

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Returning Members!

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Once you’re finished registering, come on over to our Facebook group. We’ll get started August 1st!

If you’d like to sponsor someone else’s membership, feel free to purchase two! This will allow me to offer scholarships. If you want to join but don’t have the funds this month, send me a message on Facebook!

For individuals or groups requiring an invoice, send me an email! I’m happy to accommodate.

If you don’t already have the book, you can buy your copy here!

Are you shy and don’t like to talk? Maybe you don’t have the time to interact as much as you’d like. That’s fine! You can be as active or inactive as you want. This is a no-pressure group.

If you want to make a positive difference in the lives of children, this book exploration will not disappoint! Come connect with forward-thinking people around the world as we make the uncharted transition back to school. This will be an opportunity for real personal and professional growth.

Here’s a seven minute clip of our interview with Dr. Mona in That Au-Some Book Club earlier this year. Check it out!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Facebook at Not an Autism Mom.

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  1. Still participating in the July group but I am looking forward to continue this deeply insightful and motivating process! Thank you so much for putting together this amazing experience and opportunity to be a part of some real change in our schools and communities for our children!

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