Free Printable List of Autism-Positive Books for New Parents

Parents new to their child’s autism diagnosis are often overwhelmed and confused. In That Au-Some book Club, we’ve developed a printable book list to help parents learn about neurodiversity on their own schedule.

Download PDF Below

All of these titles are are included in our 100-ish Book List on Autism and Neurodiversity. We chose a few of our favorite beginner books to help parents get started. The QR Code directs readers to the master list for more titles.

The printout includes resource books for parents, picture books (including books for siblings), and titles for teens and tweens. It can be placed in your doctor’s office, therapy center, educational resource center, or childcare facility.

Professionals can also place the list in packets or hand it out individually.

I hope you find this list valuable for your clients, patients, and families.

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About That Au-Some Book Club

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I started That Au-Some Book Club in June 2019 because I needed motivation to read NeuroTribes. Since then, it has grown to over 10,000 members from all around the world!

We discuss books, host book club meetings with authors (and other cool people), and we hold impromptu meetings over Zoom. It really is a magical place to learn!

You can find highlights from our meetings on the Not an Autism Mom Youtube Channel.

I have a plan to turn the book club into a non-profit organization. But until then, it’s just me and a few trusted helpers! If you’d like to support our efforts, I would be more than grateful!

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If you’d like to recommend a book for our master list, join us in That Au-Some Book Club!

If you’d like to donate signed copies of your book to use as give-aways in the club, you can send them here:

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