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You’re not alone
on this learning journey.

I love connecting parents and professionals with quality, up-to-date resources. You can click on RESOURCES at the top of this page to find book lists and more.

I also offer small group and individual sessions for parents and educators. Check them out below.

Monthly Group Session

Increasing Communication Options for Nonspeaking Toddlers

This is a monthly Zoom session I co-host with Tiffany from Nigh Functioning Autism.

Come connect with other adults who support nonspeaking and minimally speaking preschoolers.

We’ll go over simple and affordable strategies you can implement immediately to help your child communicate… which will help them feel more confident and in control.

We’ll also talk about high-tech AAC devices, and go over the different ways you can get one.

Come as you are! We have lively houses, too!

Monthly Group Session

Enhancing Inclusion with the New Proloquo App

This is a monthly Zoom session I co-host with Tiffany from Nigh Functioning Autism. It’s perfect for parents, educators, and professionals.

The groundbreaking Proloquo AAC app is packed with unique features that support inclusion in the classroom. It also gives individual classroom teachers the power to introduce all of their students to AAC!

We’ll take a deep dive into what makes Proloquo so unique. We’ll also discuss specific strategies that classroom teachers can implement to enhance inclusion in the classroom, and build a more inclusive foundation for your entire school.

During our meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other inclusively-minded professionals and parents. You’ll be in good company!

Come as you are! We have lively houses, too!

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Private Mentoring
for Parents

Who has the map?

Navigating your child’s new autism diagnosis can be confusing! The advice we receive pulls us in all different directions.

Schedule a private Zoom consultation to help you get on the right path, with a focus on compassion, communication, and empowerment.

When you register, there will be a few questions to help me get to know you better. Tell me as much or as little as you want. I’ll use the information you provide to develop a personalized list of resources.

During our Zoom session, we’ll talk about your list, and how each resource can help you navigate this confusing time.

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Private Consultation
for Educators

How can I become more inclusive?

Book a private Zoom session and leave with resources that will instantly help you support all of your students.

As an educational consultant and former elementary school teacher, I know how difficult it can be to find neurodiversity affirming resources within the school system.

After you book your session, I’ll send you a Google form to fill out. Tell me about your role as an educator, your concerns, and your goals. I’ll use the information you give me to develop a targeted list of resources.

During our session, we’ll talk about real-world strategies and solutions to make your school environment more accessible and inclusive.

Professional Development and Presentations

From small groups to large conferences, from stand-alone events to on-going consulting, I look forward to working with you!

I facilitate leadership developments and pre-service teacher trainings on a range of topics:

  • Implementing a school-wide AAC team
  • Incorporating AAC in the curriculum and daily classroom routine
  • Choosing inclusive children’s books
  • Inclusive strategies for nonspeaking students

Contact me for your specific needs.


These sessions have been so fulfilling and invigorating. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom!

— Unprofessional Development Member

This is the best webinar I have ever attended from someone sitting in their car! These resources are just what I needed!

— Attendee of a last-minute webinar session

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